Some resources that I find useful

Books and other resources I have found useful

  • Google
  • The Backstage Handbook 
  • Show Networks & Control Systems (2nd Edition) - John Huntington
  • Stage Lighting Design - Richard Pilbrow
  • Sound Reinforcement Handbook (2nd Edition) - Gary Davis & Ralph Jones
  • The Event Safety Guide - Event Safety Alliance
  • The Stage Manager's Toolkit - Laurie Kincman
  • Concert Lighting Techniques, Art and Business (3rd Edition) -  Dr. James L. Moody, Ed.D.
  • Sound and Music for the Theatre, The Art and Technique of Design (3rd Edition) - Deena Kaye and James LeBrecht
  • Mixing a Musical - Shannon Slaton
  • Affinity Designer Workbook
  • Affinity Photo Workbook
  • Affinity Publisher Workbook
  • Q2Q Comics - Steve Younkins
  • XKCD - Randall Munroe
  • My Cats
  • Memes

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